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Q: I cannot find a way to align text in a table cell. What should I do?

A: The TableNode.Cell.TextFormat property lets you specify the text alignment. Its LineAlignment and Alignment members specify respectively the vertical and horizontal alignment.

Q: I need to change the background color of a lane-grid cell. How can I do this?

A: Use this code:

grid[cellColumn, cellRow].Style.BackgroundBrush = 
	new SolidBrush(desiredColor);

Q: How to create lanes without headers? I want to create a workflow. Therefore, I just need a lane with a RowHeader but no ColumnHeader.

A:The headers cannot be removed because they define the width of the columns that follow. You can still hide them by setting the column headers Height to 0.

Q: How to change the font for HTML formatted code in the table caption? I tried the tag but it did not work.

A: FlowChart.NET does not support all HTML formatting tags, but just a small subset. From the Text Attributes and Formatting topic in the help file:

<i>text</i> Indicates italic text.

<b>text</b> Indicates boldc text.

<u>text</u> Indicates underlined text.

<sub>text</sub> Indicates subscript.

<sup<text</sup> Indicates superscript.

<color=#RRGGBB>text</color> Changes the color of the text. The red green and blue color channels are specified as two-digit hexadecimal numbers.

You must set the TableNode.Font property to a larger font in order to increase the caption font size. You might also have to set the cells' Font if you need their fonts to differ from the caption's one.

Q: When Flowchart.NET prints a diagram, I cannot see the icons assigned to the nodes even if PrintOptions.EnableImages is true. Why so? I use TopLeft as nodes' PicturePos...

A: That happens if Diagram.MeasureUnit is set to Pixel. Printers have much higher pixel density (DPI) and bitmaps appear very small in comparison to what they look like on the screen. To fix that, set MeasureUnit to Millimeter, Inch or any of the other logical units.

Q: Can I draw in FlowChart.NET diagram shapes that are not filled?

A: Yes, set the ShapeBrush to a SolidBrush instance whose color is set to Color.Transparent. For such nodes you'll probably want to make the shadow's color transparent too:

diagram.ShapeBrush = 
 new MindFusion.Drawing.SolidBrush(Color.Transparent);
diagram.ShadowColor = 
Then all new nodes drawn will have only their outlines visible.

Q: Can I draw diagram nodes with semi-transparent fills?

A: Set the brush to one with a semi-transparent color.

diagram.ShapeBrush = new MindFusion.Drawing.SolidBrush(Color.FromArgb(50, Color.Blue));

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