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Q: After applying TreeMapLayout, my treemap is not fully visible and requires scrolling. Can I make it fit inside the visible part of the diagram?

A: The treemap is generated within the area specified via TreeMapLayout.LayoutArea property, or within diagram.Bounds if the former is not set. To arrange nodes within the visible part of the diagram, set either of these properties to the result of DiagramView.ClientToDoc(DiagramView.ClientRectangle).

Q: You advertise two flowchart layout algorithms, which one should I use?

A: FlowchartLayout is designed for arranging source code flowcharts, where code structures such as loops and branches are properly nested within each other. DecisionLayout is designed for simple flowcharts consisting of decision and activity boxes, with up to three outgoing links per node. For examples demonstrating both kinds of flowcharts, see the JavaScript and DecisionLayout sample projects installed with the component.

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