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Q: How do I use data binding with a 3D pie chart. Is it supported?

A: The 3D pie chart control supports data binding for the data and the labels inside and outside the pieces in each series. The properties are PieSeries.DataPath, PieSeries.InnerLabelPath and PieSeries.OuterLabelPath. The data source is set with PieChart.DataSource. Here is an example:

 pieChart3D1.DataSource = salesList;

 PieSeries series0 = pieChart3D1.Series[0] as PieSeries;

 series0.OuterLabelPath = "Category";
 series0.DataPath = "AsiaSales";
 series0.OuterLabelType = LabelType.CustomText;

Here salesList consists of Sales objects, which have Category and AsiaSales properties.

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