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Why Purchase a License for MindFusion Js Scheduler?

You are building a JavaScript application that needs to render a calendar with events. You must make a choice: to build the functionality yourself, to use one of the open source libraries available or to buy a license for a scheduling component. At first glance, the third option seems the least attractive. Why would you pay for a JavaScript tool when you can build one? Or event better, get one for free? In order to make an informed decision you nonetheless download MindFusion’s JavaScript Scheduler from to give it a try. You notice at a glance that the component has plenty of ready-to-use samples. You run each of them and you are pleased to see that they show not only a monthly calendar with events, but also timetables, lists with appointments, table with resources or a combination of 4 or more months.

You get intrigued and start to interact with the schedules. Every time you want to add or edit an event a user-friendly dialogue appears that lets you quickly type in all information about the appointment including reminder and recurrence. You notice you can filter appointments based on a variety of criteria. You quickly shift appointments with a simple drag and drop and navigate seamlessly between days, months and calendar views.

You start to go deeper into the component and decide to customize one of the samples that mostly resembles the functionality you are looking for. You look at the source code, which is all neat and easy to understand, and quickly see how the API is structured. You need to put restrictions on the new appointments that the user will create. You open the documentation and are pleased to see several topics on event handling that also reference the classes, which provide data and events for the schedule.

Your calendar now has the features you need, built in just a few hours. You are thrilled by the fact! It doesn’t match quite well the styling of the web page where you intend to place the scheduler. Never mind, you quickly check that the styling is made through CSS themes, which are so easy to edit. You replace the colors in the default calendar theme and voilà! You have the schedule you want, ready to be shipped, in a fraction of the time you thought it would take.

You want to save your work and see that the scheduler supports both XML and json serialization. That is wonderful! You export your perfect calendar to a json file and approach the very important task of deciding weather you can actually afford the library. You check the prices at and you see they start from 300 USD. That isn’t a small sum, given you are the single developer in a small IT company. Then you notice the discounts message at the top of the buy page and check the "upgrades and discounts" link. Great! You use a "Small company and freelancer" discount and you get the license for 66% of the regular price. That makes perfect sense: the license is perpetual with no royalties and further fees. You have access to quality technical support – you had the chance to prove that while testing – and it solves the task with the scheduling functionality for the new app at once. Besides, it has plenty of other features that might come in handy in next releases or with new products. That’s a deal! Wanna try it and see how the story unfolds for yourself? Visit

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