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MindFusion.Scheduling for ASP.NET Licenses

Licenses are perpetual. Each license purchase grants you free 12-month upgrade subscription. Please, check here if you qualify for a price discount. Technical support is free of charge.

Scheduling for ASP.NET is also part of MindFusion.WebForms Pack, and MindFusion.Scheduling Pack, which offer much greater value for your money than a single component license.

A walk-through guide how to buy online is available here.

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Scheduling for ASP.NET


16 UI components including Scheduling

Scheduling Pack

scheduling components for 7 platforms including ASP.NET
Single Developer USD 300 USD 850 USD 600
Single Developer with Source Code USD 650 USD 1500 USD 1150
4 Developers Team USD 550 USD 1550 USD 1100
4 Developers Team with Source Code USD 900 USD 2200 USD 1650
8 Developers Team USD 950 USD 2650 USD 1900
8 Developers Team with Source Code USD 1300 USD 3300 USD 2450
Site-wide* USD 1750 USD 4850 USD 3500
Site-wide* with Source Code USD 2100 USD 5500 USD 4050
Enterprise** USD 3200 USD 8800 USD 6350
Enterprise** with Source Code USD 3550 USD 9450 USD 6900

* Site - wide License: Unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at a particular physical address (single company branch).

** Enterprise License: Unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at all its physical addresses (world-wide).

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