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ASP.NET Diagram Control, V6.3

Amazing diagramming features for your online software packed in a single WebForms control.
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Your Perfect Web Diagram

You need to design an eye-catching workflow chart, graph or project management schematic? Then all you need to complete the task with excellence and speed is MindFusion ASP.NET Diagram Control.

"NetDiagram is exactly what we needed for our project. It has a huge number of capabilities and it's very easy to use. Even when we wasn't sure on how to proceed, MindFusion's support was very fast and helped us achieving our goals. Great product, great value! Recommended."

Mr. Rodrigo Vinícius de Lira, System Analyst, Stefanini

ASP.NET Diagram Control: Table Nodes

Diagram Elements

MindFusion ASP.NET Diagram offers a rich selection of predefined diagram nodes as well table nodes with unlimited number of rows and columns. You can organize your nodes in containers. The shape designer UI tool helps you generate your own diagram nodes fast and easy.

Online Documentation: Table of Predefined Node Shapes | Composite Nodes
Online Samples: Custom Nodes | Custom Node Class

User Interaction

ASP.NET Diagram supports three user interaction modes: HTML5 Canvas, HTML Image Map and Java Applet [click for details]. In all of them useres can interactively create and modify diagrams. The Behavior property lets you choose how the flowchart responds to user actions.

Video: User Interaction in the ASP.NET Diagram Control
API Overview: User Interaction
Online Sample: Diagram Behavior

WebForms Diagram Control: User Interaction
ASP.NET Diagram Control: Clipboard Operations

User Actions

Clipoboard operations - cut, paste and copy of diagram elements - are fully supported. Users can perform single or multiple selection of items. Diagrams can be scrolled, zoomed and panned. A magnifier tool is also available.

Online Documentation: Undo and Redo | Clipboard Operations | Scroll and Zoom
Online Sample: Additional Diagram Controls | Clipboard Operations

Placement and Layout

In addition to absolute positioning of items, the ASP.NET diagram control provides swim lane background grid and the ability to snap items to points of a standard grid. You can also control the route of diagram connectors and node anchor points.

Online Documentation: Placement and Layout
Online Sample: Lane Diagram

WebForms Diagram Control: Automatic Layout Algorithms
Public Transport Route Diagram in ASP.NET

Save and Load of Diagrams

Diagrams with the control can be serialized into .NET streams that may represent files, memory buffers, communication pipes, TCP sockets and so on. In serialized form a diagram might be saved in a database record too.

Online Documentation: Diagram Serialization and Output
Online Sample: Transport Map Diagram with Save Option

Export and Print

Each diagram can be exported in BMP, WMF and SVG image formats. You can save your flowchart as a PDF file or Visio document. In addition, the export options include Adobe Flash files and Microsoft Excel documents. Printing with print preview are also supported.

Online Documentation: Exporting the Diagram | Printing and Print Preview
Online Sample: Export to PDF

ASP.NET AJAX Flowchart Control: PDF Export
ASP.NET Treemap with the Diagram Control


The look and feel of your diagram is completely under your control. Any diagram element - shadows, mouse coursers, selection, grid, background, nodes, connectors - can be styled by you. Themes and styles are supported too. THere is also a UI theme editor tool and a collection of predefined themes.

Online Documentation: Appearance
Online Sample: Svg Nodes

Automatic Layout

You can choose among more than 10 automatic layout algorithms, which can drastically overhaul the appratance of your flowchart. Each of them is applied with a single method call and you can easily experiment and find the one that perfectly conveys the meaning of your diagram.

Online Documentation: Layoug Out Diagrams Automatically
Online Samples: Decision Layout, Orthogonal Layout, Layered Layout, Fractal Layout, Grid Layout, Circular Layout, Tree Layout
Graph Layout Algorithms in Diagram Controls.

WebForms Diagram Control: Automatic Layout Algorithms
ASP.NET Treemap with the Diagram Control

ASP.NET Treemap: Your Data at a Glance

A treemap is a space-efficient way to render large amount of nodes that are nested within each other. The node location, size and coloring provide important information about its weight and place in the hierarchy. The built-in TreeMap layout algorithm gives you with a smart way to use your diagram control also as a treemap control.

Online Sample: Treemap

Usage Modes

Feature HTML 5 Canvas Mode HTML Image Map Mode Java Applet Mode
Software Requirements for the browser Support for HTML 5 Canvas* No special requirements Java Runtime 1.6 or higher, 700 KB download of the applet's *.jar file
Interactivity Fully interactive diagram creation Fully interactive; requires the Microsoft Ajax for ASP.NET libraries. Fully interactive diagram creation
Client-side Object Model Full client-side object model Limited client-side object model Full client-side object model
Event Handling Client side events Click events on client side; click, created and modified events on server side Client side events

* Generally these are browsers released in the last 3-4 years like Internet Explorer 9 or higher.

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