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Mapping for ASP.NET

Let's build online maps that make a difference.
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Maps that Stand out in the Browser

Let your online maps look and feel their best with MindFusion's innovative mapping component for ASP.NET. It includes a .NET web control and a class library that let you create fast and easy any type of regional, national or world map.


MindFusion.Mapping for ASP.NET gives you the option to add markers at arbitrary locations on map layers. There is no limit to the number and size of the markers. You can attach text to them.

Online Sample: Markers
API Overview: Decorations


Treat your users to the advanced pan and zoom functionality of MindFusion's mapping control. Users can smoothly change the visible portion of large maps by dragging with the mouse or examine the tinest map details simply by scrolling with the mouse wheel.

Online Sample: Database
API Overview: Scroll and Zoom


Layers let you add decorations to maps to mark places of interest or render important data. The number of layers you can add to any map is unlimited.

Online Sample: Layers
API Overview: Layers

Rich Data Set

Maps can load data from the popular ESRI Shapefile format and MindFusion.Mapping for ASP.NET ships with an impressive set of *.shp files. You can easily load details about any country, rivers or other geographical objects.

Online Sample: Countries
API Overview: Loading Map Files | Street Maps with OpenStreetMap

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